D. M. A. R. Dissanayaka– Head of Department

Graduate in Martial Arts and Science
B. A (Peradeniya)
PGDE (Jayawardenapura)
MSSC (Kelaniya)


The Graduate programme in Martial Arts and Science allows the students who are pursuing the martial arts to improve their quality of life. The objective of this programme is to identify, understand and enhance the physical, mental, emotional, and social health which are being the key components of good health and good life, of students who are pursuing to be professionals in martial arts.

Graduate in Martial Arts and Science programme is the most comprehensive Graduate programme available globally to ignite the skills and enhance the professionalism of the students of martial arts and thereby to enhance their Quality of Life, fulfillment of needs, and optimize their potential.


This has been designed to be completed within sixty (05 years) months by a student.

During this time:

  • Practical time period will be four years, which is considered sufficient to enable the  eligible student to reach the highest level of performance in martial arts.
  • Theoretical time period will be one year inclusive of a project submission.

Modules and Course Hours

Practical (Training)                            : 04 Years

  1. Maximum mental and physical suitability
  2. Maximum martial art capability
  3. Understanding the martial arts
  4. Scientific knowledge of the martial arts practical side
  5. Knowledge in history of martial arts
  6. The particular student has met all the required skills and practical tests in martial art practical’s, and has been passed all of them should be proven. 

Theoretical Practice – Project Study                       : 06 Months

This should be provided based on the martial art category you have mastered in,

  1. First name of the particular martial art you have mastered
  2. Meaning in your language of the original name of the same
  3. World history of the same
  4. History of the afore mentioned in your country
  5. Practice level and the syllabus (with the relevant pictures), that need to be studied in the particular martial art

(For a person who has more than 10 years of experience in the field of martial art coaching, it is not necessary to do the above mentioned project and should only submit the document proofs for the same)

Theoretical practice                          : 06 Months

  1. History of physical education
  2. Philosophy of physical education
  3. Bio mechanical science
  4. Theory of practice
  5. Physics of exercising
  6. Physical suitability tests and measures
  7. First Aid
  8. Organization of competitions and management
  9. Exercise and nutrition
  10. Psychology of martial art

( students who are working in medical industry, nursing industry, health industry  and who have experience of 03 years in relevant fields will be given exemptions from modules 03, 07 and 09 )

On successful completion, the student would be awarded Graduate of Martial Arts and ScienceGradMASc

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