Current Research



Criminal Justice Reform

Therapeutic Jurisprudence

Gender Equality

Human Rights

International Humanitarian Action

Migration Studies


Peace Building

Earth Quakes,

Tsunami Forecasting

Prevention of Biological  and  Chemical Weapons

Political Violence

Public Health

Social Justice

Transitional Justice

Urban Studies

Women & Gender Studies

Global Warming

Climate Changes,

Ocean  Climate Change – A Global  Emerging Issue

Disaster Prevention


Landmines and Explosive Remnants of War

UN and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

UN Documentation: Economic and Social Council

Youth and Sustainable Development

Threat To Earth Planet From Aliens

Satellite garbage in the Orbit of The Universe

Genetic Engineering


Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things


Scientific realism in the philosophy of science and international relations

Microfinance and the role of German banks in global development

A critical political economy of biodiversity markets.

From faith in rules to the rule of law: Constitutional responsibilities in international society

The dialectic of emancipation and repression in international human rights law

A critical analysis of discourses of inclusion in education and contributions to peacebuilding in South Sudan.

A Theory of Need in International Political Theory: Autonomy, Freedom, and a Global Obligation

Analyzing the role of public-private partnerships in global governance:

Institutional dynamics, variation, and effects

Time to Agree: Time Pressure and ‘Deadline Diplomacy’ in Peace Negotiations

A Multi-Campus International University

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