Global Research Centres

To facilitate research and case development on an international scale, AUGP UN University has furthered its global impact by establishing a network of 15 Research Centres around the world. This unique broad network enables us to work with leaders of industry, government, and academia worldwide, and to learn from challenges and innovations wherever they occur.

In addition to the Research, the Centres are involved in support to humanitarian projects as well as educational outreach activities including the organization of public conferences and lectures. The Centres also act as a think tank on crucial Global peace and geopolitical issues.

Mexico- Azteca University
Thailand- UN Peacekeeping Force
Greece- Elefsina, Attiki 00500, Greece (EU)
USA- Amity College, Florida and  Roland Bioenergy Healing Institute ( Young Scientists University): UNILOGOS Florida
India- Pragyan University
Sri Lanka- AUGP Sri Lanka  including Neuroscience lab
Canada- European Digital University, Lake Saint Louis, Missouri
New Zealand
The Caribbean
United Kingdom University of Cambridge; Cambridge International Academics

A Multi-Campus International University

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