Department of New Sciences and Technologies

The department aims to serve the world by advancing the boundaries of knowledge through a range of researches in order to create knowledge and become one of the best internationally, in contemporary sciences and technologies and various interdisciplinary fields.

Blockchain brings us to an era of a new digital revolution! Everywhere in the world today we hear of the word Blockchain which baffles some but inspires others. Righty so, because it is the new revolution that is upon us. This is the technology that will change the way we do business across the globe and the technology that powers bitcoin.

Some of our research areas include the Treatment for Covid and Post Covid Symptoms, Treatment for Root Cause of Diabetics with Ayurvedic herbs,  Computer vision, and Image processing, Medical Imaging, Nano Science and Nano Technology, Intelligent Robotics, Photonics, Communication Security, Cloud computing security, Extended Reality, Offshore structure, and ship design, Nuclear Applications and safety, Human-computer interaction for Humanizing the Technology.

Our partner universities include Unilogos which is accredited by ASIC UK as a premier institution. Unilogos is listed in the International Handbook of Universities and is recognized by the University Grants Commission/ HEC of many countries. We are an authorized centre of Kanpur University of India;  UNIVERSIDAD AZTECA (Azteca University and SAN JUAN DE LA CRUZ UNIVERSITY SAN JUAN DE LA CRUZ UNIVERSITY, and Pragyan University. Pragyan is a Statutory University recognized as per Sec 2(f) of UGC, Govt of India: HIPDET a state-approved University in Cameroon.

  • Certified Crypto Currency Expert
  • Certified Blockchain Developer
  • Certified Smart Contract Developer
  • Certified Blockchain Architect
  • Bachelor of Science in Blockchain Technology
  • Master of Science in Blockchain Technology
  • Diploma in Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Diploma in Fundamentals of Cyber Security
  • Certified Cyber Security Professional
  • Diploma in Fundamentals of Nano Technology
  • Certified Nano Technology Expert



Head of Department

A Multi-Campus International University

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