Chairman’s Message

We Value and promote the Global culture of peace, solidarity, inclusiveness, shared responsibility, harmony, cooperation, goodwill, and reverence for the sacredness of all life through active peaceful engagement. We focus on universal values, which transcend the boundaries of religion, ethnicity, gender, and geography. We are passionate and are involved in peace activities to help bring about a culture of peace and a global civil community in which all the people of the world can address together with our common global concerns in a holistic, positive, and transforming way and live together in peace with one another for our own Prosperity and ultimately the Prosperity of the Global Nation.

Let all the Global Citizens of the Global Civil Society, support the principles, global ethics and universal values such as respect, justice, peace, dignity, freedom, responsibility and cooperation among us, realizing the Universal need of Practicing Peace with the divine Principles of reconciliation.

Let us all join together in the process of building a “PEACE LOVING-PEACE LIVING, PEACE PRACTICING GLOBAL TRANSFORMED COMMUNITY to Live with Prosperity & Dignity with a quality relationship with one another with divine love & Compassion & Understanding in the midst of diverse thriving cultures. Let us understand the need of others in an indiscriminate holistic manner; understand the Fact that we all are getting our daily light from our almighty GOD, who created the entire universe; We appeal that we all get along in the Process of Building up this Universal Global Peace Practicing Transformed Community.

We the family of AUGP are well experienced in organizing many educative Seminars, conferences, and Motivational &Training Leadership Camps since 1986. And, with our vast experience, we can firmly say that; “YES WE CAN ESTABLISH UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE ON OUR PLANET TO ENJOY LIVING IN PROSPERITY & DIGNITY

Let us all join together in the process of building an Institution of research that could help young men and women to become tomorrow’s Global Leaders with Competence, Character, Commitment, and Consciousness. Our AUGP UN University for Global Peace USA runs the  Faculties of Cosmetology, Law, Integrative Medicine, Neuroscience and other Sciences,  Philosophy and Religion Faculty is situated at the American University USA.

God Bless,



Founder and Chairman of AUGP USA; Chairman of AUGP UN University for Global Peace and The American University: Patriarch Global Apostolic Diocese USA. Hon Chairman DMPP Albania

“ AWARD COUNCIL OF INDIA“ Honoured Dr. Madhu Krishan with a very Prestigious Award Of “PRIDE OF INDIA “ (See the website link of Award Council Of India – Click HERE 

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The pride of India award could be seen here:

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