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Welcome to the Faculty of Cosmetology. It’s our goal to successfully prepare our students for a career in cosmetology. Our industry-experienced instructors provide hands-on training in basic and advanced hair, skin and nail techniques in an engaging, professional setting.

We expose the participants to the latest technological developments in cosmetology including among other subjects, Sophisticated Cosmetology equipment, Advanced Beauty techniques, Ayurvedic Cosmetology, Aromatherapy, Accounting for decision-makers,  leading to a full Bachelor’s Degree top-up upon completion of theory modules and practical assignments. Thus it becomes a means of upgrading their knowledge and skills already gained through vocational and diploma level studies.

The BSc and MSc degrees are issued through a University recognised by The University Grants Commission of SL (විශ්ව විද්යාල ප්රතිපාධන කොමිෂන් සභාවෙන් පිළිගත්).  Students receive valid admission letters from Kanpur University which have granted us approval to run this degree programme in Sri Lanka. This is the final Cosmetology programme promoted by AUGP and it would conclude by the end of 2022 .

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The program offers students the opportunity to gain proficiency in hair cutting, colouring, permanent waving, chemical relaxing, manicuring, pedicuring, facials, and related procedures. Competencies are assessed regularly in compliance with the  Cosmetology assessment criteria. 

We will also cover the following practical sessions in addition to theory classes:

1. Electro Therapy
2. Light Therapy (LED)
3. Microdermabrasion
4. Galvanic
5. High Frequency
6. Aroma/ Essential oil Identification (Company visit)
7. Ayurvedic Cosmetology -Facial & Hair care preparations

Students would receive Provisional Certificate, Transcripts, Migration certificate, Final degree Certificate, and online Verification facility also.

For an optional fee, certificates could be notarised and endorsed by the Foreign Ministry on a case-by-case basis.( This is an optional requirement)




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Prof. Dr. Dame Aspasia Peppa

Head of Faculty 

DBA(Doctor of Business Administration) B.A. Business Administration and Tourism Business Administration. MSc Communication and Pedagogy / P.R / Life Coaching / Career Coach

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Dr Madhavi Yahampath

BAMS (Colombo); Attorney-at-Law

Head Department of Cosmetology



Dr. Angelika Domschke

Angelika Domschke, Ph.D. is an accomplished, dynamic, and creative Research and Development leader with 20 years of experience, at the forefront of innovation in the design and implementation of novel materials and products for major International medical device companies and startups (Alcon, Novartis, Eye Sense AG, BioCure Inc.).

She holds a Ph.D. degree in polymer chemistry and has extensive expertise in program management, from concept to product launch. She has been awarded 26 patents, which generated significant revenue encompassing medical devices, sensors, and implants, as well as materials test methods.

Angelika serves as a Mentor at the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech, which is established as the oldest and most experienced university-affiliated technology incubator in the country.



Dr. Wijayalath Arachchige Samadhi Sashikala, PhD

Diploma in Ayurvedic Dermatology in Vaidyarathnam University, Kerala, india

MA for Psychiatrist and Psychology, International Pali and Buddhist University, Sri Lanka



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Dr. Shreepriya Udayashanker                                                                                       

MD/CEO-Priyaashankers Pvt Ltd , director – Priyaashankers college of hair and beauty therapy pvt Ltd.

Doctorate awarded by International university for Martial arts.(IUMA)

Graduate City and Guilds UK and  Avanti Nail Technology Institute and Chisholm College Melbourne, Australia




H.E. Ms. Neena Riche UK- MBA



H.E Ms.Asha J UK-MBA



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